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Fodder Cultivation Program
Outsourcing Fodder Requirement

The entire requirement of green fodder, dry fodder and animal concentrate feed ingredients shall be out-sourced and procured from the local farmers who shall produce, harvest and supply the same to us under the guidance and supervision of our expert Fodder Consultants.

Local Farmers' Participation

Our Fodder Consultant, Mr. Yash Pal Singh, had 5 days tour of the project site area and interacted with the farmers from the nearby villages. After understanding the fodder crop potential, economics and the companies proposed Fodder Cultivation Program, the farmers were extremely positive to the idea of growing a variety of conventional and exotic fodder crops and are ready to join the said program, and enter into a 5 to 10 years written legal contract with the company to that effect.

Cropland & Fodder Buy-Back Agreement

A Fodder Buy-Back Agreement is underway with about 500 interested farmers from Tembhurni and surrounding area, who have lift irrigation scheme facility from the Ujani Dam. These farmers are voluntarily entering into an irrevocable and unequivocal agreement with the company to grow the fodder crops in major portion of their total land holding (apeox. 600 Hactares) and supply the fodder crops as per the company's Fodder Program.

Fodder Cultivation Program

Fodder Cultivation Program will be implemented by the company in the following manner :-

  • Appraise farmers on program benefits, procedures, terms & conditions;
  • Interested farmers to apply to join the program;
  • After initial scrutiny, the company fodder consultants to select aspiring farmers who have resolved to join the fodder cultivation program;
  • A short training course in fodder production technology for the participating farmers;
  • Conduct soil testing, water quality testing and provide treatment, if needed
  • All mechanical operations in the field for the field preparation, such as :-
    • Ploughing
    • Harrowing
    • Cultivating / Tilling
    • Levelling, if required
    • Basal/Top Dressing of Manures/Fertilizers
    • Sowing by Seed Drill / Planting of saplings/seedlings
    • Planking
    • Bunding
    • Application of Irrigation
    • Inter-culture operations
    • Harvesting, Loading & Transportation
  • Procure and provide reliable, genuine seeds/seedlings/saplings of the latest, improved varieties of different fodder crop species suitable for the field as per the local agro-climatic conditions;
  • The company to give assurance to local banks of promptly depositing fodder sale proceeds directly in the borrowers' bank accounts, if the local bank finance bonafide fodder growers for micro-irrigation facility on their fodder plots;
  • Farmers shall be encouraged to use top-quality organic bio-fertilizer/vermi-compost for higher fodder yields. The use of chemical fertilizers shall be discouraged in a phased out manner so that the yield potential is not drastically affected;
  • Similarly, the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides shall be barred. The company specialists, in consultation with the experts in the subject, shall recommend/provide alternative, effective herbicides and organic (bio) pesticides to overcome the problem;
  • The expert advise / guidance by super consultants through out the program and individual difficulties / problems shall be promptly dealt with a professional solution;
  • All the above inputs and services shall be provided to the farmers on "chargeable" basis at the company prescribed rates.
  • On maturity of the fodder crops, the samples of fodder shall be collected and analyzed in the company's agricultural analytical laboratory for the quality & acceptability tests;
  • Assistance in harvesting, loading and transportation of fodder shall be provided;
  • The company shall procure the fodder at the prescribed rates mutually agreed upon in advance, and the total fodder sales amount shall be worked out on the basis of the actual weighment;
  • After deducting the outstanding applicable charges (for the inputs and services provided), the net sale proceeds amount of the fodder crop shall be immediately transferred and credited to the fodder grower's bank account.

Proposed Fodder Crops & Buying Rates

After due consideration and evaluation of various aspects, the company has proposed to fix the green fodder purchase price of various fodder crops as following, which is in Rupees per Metric Ton, harvested and loaded in the transport vehicle ready for dispatch at the fodder crop field basis.

The prices specified are for the top grade fodder according to the company's pre-determined quality standards, maturity period and in compliance with the protein, moisture and other parameters; and subject to the stipulated terms and conditions.

Recommended Fodder Crops
Crop Period
Price per M.Ton
Round the year
Cowpea (Chavli)
Hybrid Napier
Round the year
Sorghum (Jawar)
Round the year
Pearl Millet (Bajri)
Kharif & Summer
Guinea Grass/ Para Grass