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Total Integrated Dairy Activity
Integrated & Composite Nature
  • The project is integrated and composite in nature, wherein many diverse, inter-related multi-activities could be simultaneously, comfortably and successfully undertaken without causing any distraction or diversion from the main activity.
  • On the contrary, all these activities shall supplement each other and make a distinctive addition to the cost benefit, product value, quality, and total profitability of the venture.
Relevance of this project in India

Due to our project concept, philosophy, policy, salient features, scale, features and coherent activities, this certainly shall be the "First Farm in India"

  • To house 6,000 dairy animals in one facility,
  • To maintain meticulous pedigree and other records pertaining to all animals,
  • To apply modern dairy management & practices scientifically and professionally,
  • To process and market only the captive production milk produced on our farms,
  • To produce and process raw milk, processed milk and milk products at par with the "International Quality",
  • To seek such quality certification by international quality inspectors,
  • To apply the latest state-of-the-art technology from various fields,
  • Entire facility to be fully compliant to ISO-9001 and HACCP standards.
Mixed Farming
This shall be a mixed farm wherein we will be housing 50% each of water buffaloes (Murrah Buffaloes) & Holstein crossbred cows of Indian origin.
Sourcing of Animals
  • Murrah Buffaloes of 2nd lactation, to be sourced from Rohtak, Jind, Karnal in Haryana.
  • Holstein Crossbred Cows of 2nd and 3rd lactation shall be sourced from Ahmednagar, Rahuri, Sangamner, Baramati, Akluj area in Maharashtra, Bangalore in Karnataka and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Renowned, trustworthy cattle suppliers have been interacting with us and have assured to supply the best selected cattle as per our specifications and requirement.
Milk Yield
  • Murrah Buffaloes - Average Lactation yield - 2,500 Litres
  • H.F. Crossbred - Average Lactation yield - 3,700 Litres